Brian A. Bernhard
Pen and Ink, Acrylic


After 20 years of exploring the art world, I have learned that I am obsessed with the creative process. My artistic expression has encompassed just about every media one can think of...from painting, drawing & photography to video, music & performance art. I have produced documentaries about hundreds of other artists, creative thinkers and visionaries from all over the globe...plucking out the hows and the whys so I could learn directly from my artistic heroes and share that valuable knowledge with the world. I have taken all of this curiosity for process and infused it into my current series of two-dimensional artworks.

This new series of works is a journey into the heart of creative flow. I begin with a simple imageā€¦like a heart, a flower or an eye, and then I dig in. I drill down as far as the journey takes. Each painting has its own life and story to live, taking approximately six months to complete. I place the blank canvas in front of me and open up my senses, allowing all of my life experience to flow through. Using primarily acrylic paints, I let the universe guide my adventure...allowing myself to get lost within the narrative so that I can find my way out to a satisfying and balanced ending.

To purchase call: 310-991-7144 or e-mail gabrielle.artistsstudio.pvac@gmail.com


Bernhard Alien Sex Toy and Skate Deck

Title: Alien Sex Toy Skate Deck

Size: 8" wide skateboard deck
Canadian Maple from sustainable forests

Price: (Available on request)

Title:Chaos Flower

Size: 16' X 16"
Acrylic on canvas

Price: (Available upon request)

Bernhard Chaos Flower
Bernhard Love Explosion

Title: Love Explosion

Size: 10" X 10"
Ink on Paper

Price: (Available upon request)

Title: Observation Flow

Size: 18" x 18"
Ink on paper in a hard wood frame with museum grade glass.

Price: (Available upon request)

Bernhard Observation Flow
Bernhard The Starship

Title: The Starship

Size: 12' X 12"
UV Ink on sustainable Canadian forest wood

Price: (Available upon request)

Title: Worried Tiki

Size: 10" X 10"
Ink on paper

Price: (Available upon request)

Bernhard Worried Tiki
Bernhard Without Limits Mural

Title: Without Limits Mural

Size: 11' X 15'
A variety of paint media on concrete wall

Price: (NA)

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