Suzi Click
Wearable Art


Inspired by the costumes of tribal cultures and the silhouettes of the 1920's SUZI CLICK's artisan apparel and accessories exude a nouveau bohemian vibe.

Suzi collages fabrics and trims - some new, some vintage, some hand made. She combines her passion for travel with her art collecting inspiration and materials and often combining elements from many countries in one piece for a cross cultural statement.

Although the finished wearable art is assembled by hand one at a time in Los Angeles, she uses fabrics that are hand woven or embellished by women across the globe working at their craft to celebrate their ancient heritage.

To purchase call: 310-991-7144 or e-mail gabrielle.artistsstudio.pvac@gmail.com

Click Ayotupas Jacket FrontClick Ayotupas Jacket Back

Title: Ayotupas Jacket

Hand woven textile from Timor, Indonesia.

Price: $408


Title: Indigo Patch Flower Jacket and Hat
Indigo Patchwork from the Dong Hill tribe in China, mixed with batik cotton from Java, hand carved wooden button from Portugal.

Price: Jacket $498
Hat $98

Click Ndona Kefamnunu Jacket

Click African Serape Hat

Title: African Serape Hat
Vintage Mexican serape fabric, Wax print cotton from Ivory Coast, silk lining.

Price: $75


Title: Green Squiggle Scarf
Tulle with Mohair embroidery, silk chiffon lining, Feather trim.

Price: $60

Click Green Squiggle Scarf

Click Indio Floral Jacket and Hat

Title: Ndona Kefamanunu Jacket

Natural morinda dye from Ndona weavers of Flores, Indonesia with Cheetah pattern button

Price: $410

Title: Indigo Floral Hat

Reversible Hand applique patch indigo from the Dong Hill tribe in China mixed with a batik print form Bali.

Price: $98

Title: Assam Silk Stripe Jacket

Raw silk from ASSAM, INDIA.

Price: $290

Click Assam Silk Strip Jacket
Click Patchwork Jacket

Title: Ndona Kefamnunu Jacket

Hand applique patch indigo from the Dong Hill tribe in China, hand carved wood button from Portugal.

Price: $365

Title: Katu ChaCha Top
Hand woven and beaded stripe cotton from PHILLIPINES with Ikat silks sari and tie dye silk sari mix with Moire taffeta and vintage trim.

Price: $310

Click Katu ChaCha top
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