Parrish Hirasaki
Watercolor and Oil


I paint for the love of painting. I especially enjoy capturing the individual in a portrait and am always seeking new commissions. When portraits are complete, I often immerse myself in painting my favorite places, the beach and Venice, Italy. I work in both watercolor and oil portraying my subjects realistically but often in an unexpected manner.

To purchase call: 310-991-7144 or e-mail gabrielle.artistsstudio.pvac@gmail.com


Title: Venice Entry
Size: 26" x 20", watercolor

Price: $300

Hirasaki Venice Entry

Hirasaki Into The Light

Title: Into The Light
Size: 30" x 22", watercolor

Price: $450

Title: Crescendo
Size: 10" x 24", oil

Price: $400

Hirasaki Crescendo

Hirasaki From the Bridge of Signs

Title: From the Bridge of Sighs
Size: 24" x 20", oil

Price: $750

Title: Girl and Her Cat
Size: 20" x 20", watercolor

Price: $800

Hirasaki Girl and Her Cat
Hirasaki Arthur

Title: Arthur
Size: 14" x 21", watercolor

Price: $1000

Title: Howard (sample portrait)
Size: 20" x 28", watercolor

Price: $1800

Hirasaki Howard
Hirasaki Adelaide

Title: Adelaide (sample portrait)
Size: 12" x 16", oil

Price: $1000

Title: John and his Mustang (sample portrait)
Size: 20" x 28", watercolor

Price: $1800

Hirasaki John and his Mustang
Hirasaki Teddy Midnight

Title: Teddy Midnight (sample portrait)
Size: 14" x 20", watercolor

Price: $1000

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