Britten Landstrom
Wearable Art


Born in Northern Sweden, where her grandmother wove rugs from out grown clothes, Britten learned the beauty of reusing fabrics.

Later, living in Stockholm, life took different turns; travelling, dancing and teaching. By "chance" she came across some vintage fabrics that brought her back to childhood memories. The fabrics "talked to her" and her one of a kind clothing line was born. Clean lines - let the fabric talk - became her motto and women looking for artistic clothing frequented her studio.

Circumstances led her to California in the mid 90's. She developed a clothing line using vintage japanese kimonos and obis and her one of a kind pieces sold to high end boutiques like Harari Inc. Her whole sale line at Miriana Ojeda show room in LA sold to Nordstrom Gallery as well as boutiques around the country. As an in-house designer at Harari Inc. (2003-2007), she sold to Nieman Marcus and other high end boutiques in the US.

To purchase call: 310-991-7144 or e-mail gabrielle.artistsstudio.pvac@gmail.com

Landstrom Black cotton jacket with fringe

Landstrom Black cotton jacket with fringe

Title: Black Cotton Jacket with long Ribbon Fringe
Appliques are partly embroidered fabric from a japanese vintage silk obi. The jacket has a black neck band and 3 big black snaps by the waist to adjust waist size. It can also be worn hanging loose

Price: $395

Title: Brown Light Cotton Loose Cut Dress
Ikat woven silk panel in front, yarn embellishment and bottom fringe

Price: $350

Landstrom Brown Cotton Loose Ikat Dress

Landstrom Black "jeans" cotton loose dress

Title: Black "jeans" cotton loose cut dress/tunic
With Ikat woven silk front panel, red and white yarn embellishment, red banding and bottom net.

Price: $350

Title: Cropped Jacket made from 3 Vintage Kimono Fabrics
It has 2 samll hooks and loops in the front of waitband

Price: $275

Landstrom Cropped Jacket kimono fabric

Landstrom Cropped Top silk kimono

Title: Cropped top made from Vintage Silk Kimonos
The sleeves have long slits with the opposite fabric on the inside.

Price: $275

Title: A Line Skirt with Cropped Zip Up Jacket
Set embellished with strips of vintage kimono silk. Skirt has back zipper and side slit.

Price Jacket $275, Skirt $229

Landstrom A Line Shirt with cropped jacket

Landstrom Oversized "jeans" cotton zip up jacket

Title: Oversized "Jeans" Cotton Zip Up Jacket
with pockets and vintage obi appliques.

Price: $325

Title: Two Tone Olive Hemp/Cotton Jacket
With grey sleeves and detachable pockets and shoulder bands.

Price: $495

Landstrom Two Tone Olive Jacket
Landstrom Pull On Patch Tunic

Title: Pull On Tunic
Made from patches of vintage kimono silks.

Price: $325

Title: Cottom Jacked with Pleated Bottom
Olive hemp/cotton sleeve bands, muliple black/white front trims, black/silver front obi silk panels.

Price: $395

Landstrom Cotton Jacket with Pleated botton
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