Lois Olsen
Watercolor, pastel, oil, clay or bronze


I have always enjoyed making art in any medium and in a wide range of styles. Sharing thoughts in paintings and drawings is often easier for me than explaining with words.

I have a sense of excitement when I first see the subject of a painting, and after doing a small light and dark sketch of the composition I work very rapidly to capture that first emotional response. I seek color and a sense of rhythm and movement in my paintings.

My style changes somewhat with each medium. Acrylic, with its variety of colors and mediums for surface textures, lends itself to the abstract, watercolor, wet on wet paper allows lots of beautiful surprises at the start of a painting, and I try to only control it where it is important. Pastel gives me the most control to say exactly what I want to say and even here I use a free and loose application of color to start my paintings. Painting in oil gives a subtle, lush color changes, its blending properties bring unity to a piece. Sculpting is surprisingly like painting, only in full dimension and I seek the same feeling of rhythm and movement.

Art, for me, it is a beautiful way to tell a story and each medium allows a particular interpretation, although the subject may be the same.


To purchase call: 310-991-7144 or e-mail gabrielle.artistsstudio.pvac@gmail.com

Title: Baby Clapping
9"H X 10"W X 9"D, Portrait sculpture in Bronze

Price: $1500

Olsen Baby Clapping
Olsen I Am Five

Title: I Am Five
10" H x 7" W x 7" D, Portrait sculpture in clay

Price: $650

Title: Sharing a Secret
11" H x 16" W x 8" D, Portrait scultures in Bronze

Price: $3000

Olsen Sharing a Secret

Title: Young Pirate
Size: 20" x 26", pastel

Price: $400

Title: Babies At The Pond
Size: 38" x 30", watercolor

Price: $500


Title: Clown With Balloon
Size: 18" x 15", pastel

Price: $200 (framed)

Title: Venice Light
Size: 28" x 35", pastel

Price: $900



Title: Wedding Gondola
Size: 18" x 15", oil on canvas

Price: $400

Title: Venice Reflections
Size: 28" x 35", pastel

Price: $900



Title: Wayfarers Path to Glass Chapel
Size: 11" x 9", pastel

Price: $200


Title: Hello Kitty, Hello Dolly

Price: TK

Olsen Hello Kitty Hello Dolly
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