Pam Reid
Fibers and sculpture


Pam Reid is the creator of the whimsical - from cards to sculpture to seasonal decor. One year motifs from her cards were embellished onto T-shirts and pillows. Another year, a line of reinvented sweaters which had been hand or machine knit by Pam or her mother at one point in time and are now cut and stitched into more contemporary lines - with kicky trims and embellishments. Most are hand washable and make a perfect one-of-a-kind cover up for California chilly evenings.

I discovered polymer clays when my son was young and found unlike clay I could sculpt when I had time. The clay didn't dry out. My sculptures are one of a kind. They are sculpted from a combination of clays for strength and malleability. The clay is painted, fired and joined to a cloth body. I try to imbibe my creatures with humor and whimsy.

Working with fabric and yarn to clothe my creatures also pulls me into the fashion world. I enjoy creating new from old or entirely new creations with yarn and fabric. These are also one of a kind to portray that feeling of originality in the wearer as well.

To purchase call: 310-991-7144 or e-mail gabrielle.artistsstudio.pvac@gmail.com


Title: Purse
Vintage linen
Lucite handles
App. 12"x24"

Price: $120.00

Title: Pam's Animals 001 Giraffe
Size: misc., mixed media

Price: $245.00 each

Reid The Professor

Title: The Professor
Mix media fun fur and felt

Price: $95.00

Title: Mom, You Aren't Wearing That!
Size: 18" tall

Price: $325.00 each

Reid Mom, you're not wearing that
Reid Blue Wool Jacket

Title: Blue Wool Jacket
Size: Small

Price: $210.00

Title: Elf Under Glass
Size: Glass dome 10" tall, figure 6" tall

Price: $278.00 each

Reid Can We Talk About This
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