Kathie Reis


My first love was working with oil but now I enjoy working with acrylics. Acrylics seem to show more subtleties that I feel oil cannot. I don’t think I have any favorite subjects yet, but I seem to gravitate to landscapes. I also enjoy trying ocean scenes, people, and children.

Born and raised in Southern California, attending South Bay schools as an art major in high school and college studying watercolor, charcoal, pastel, life drawing and oils. I have always enjoyed drawing and painting. Until recently, I was captivated with Life Drawing. In 2009, after a thirty-one year hiatus, with encouragement of my husband and family, I began painting with acrylics, a new medium for me. This has really inspired me and I am driven to create new works of all kinds; ocean scenes, landscapes, people and children. I think I am trying to make up for lost time.

I am honored to be accepted by the Palos Verdes Art Center, knowing the quality of the artists of my peers. I hope you enjoy my paintings.

To purchase call: 310-991-7144 or e-mail gabrielle.artistsstudio.pvac@gmail.com

Reis Blue Sunset

Title: Blue Sunset
Size: 45" x 26"

Price: $1,500


Title: The Colorful Desert
Size: 24" x 26"

Price: $725

Reis Colorful Desert
Reis Cowboy

Title: The Cowboy
Size: 22" x 26"

Price: $625

Title: The Proud Peacock
Size: 22" x 26"

Price: $725

Reis Golden Peacock
Reis Red Reflections

Title: Red Reflections
Size: 24" x 29"

Price: $875

Title: Sunset at Low Tide
Size: 45" x 26"

Price: $1,500

Reis Sunset At Low Tide
Reis The Flute Player

Title: The Flute Player
Size: 22" x 26"

Price: $1,800

Title: The Tibetan Dancer
Size: 31" x 25"

Price: $1,500

Reis Tibetin Dancer
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