Linda Thompson
Acrylic & Watercolor


Watercolor being a spontaneous medium with a mind of its own demands two personalities. One being able to let go and allow the medium to work its wonders and mingle with the water, and the other, the knowledge and master of control.

I use layers of transparent colors to overstate the intensity of cast shadows and light sources. The reference materials used from my pieces are composites of sketches and photos I've taken on trips to Europe, around the U.S. and close to home. I take my subject matter beyond the actual and add my own energy of space and light. My paintings are a moment of pleasure and a means of bringing it home to share a "visual sigh."

To purchase call: 310-991-7144 or e-mail gabrielle.artistsstudio.pvac@gmail.com

Title: Flying Poppies
20" x 24", watercolor

Price: $1100

Thompson Flying Poppies
Thompson Red Daisies

Title: Just Happy
18" x 29", watercolor

Price: $675 (framed)

Title: Venice
22" x 28", watercolor

Price: $2100

Thompson Venice

thompson barn boss

Title: Barn Boss
16" x 12", acrylic

Price: $800

Title: Three's Company
12" x 12", watercolor

Price: $650

thompson pears

thompson purple cluster

Title: Purple Cluster
14" x 21", watercolor

Price: $1200

Title: Spring In Sienna
14" x 18", watercolor

Price: $1800

Thompson Spring In Sienna

thompson white dahlia

Title: White Dahlia
15" x 21", watercolor

Price: $1200

Title: Fuchsia Bells
16" x 20", watercolor

Price: $675

Thompson Fuscias
Thompson Light the Way

Title: Light the Way
16" x 20", watercolor

Price: $675 (framed)

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