Karen Wharton
Oil on canvas


My painting style is realism, my medium is oil on canvas, & my subjects are animals! I love the details in the face and eyes of an animal. My goal for the observer is to see into the soul of the animal through its eyes. I enjoy painting wildcats: lions, tigers, cheetahs, leopards, jaguars, snow leopards, cougars; but also paint birds, horses, dogs, cats, etc.

I began painting as a teen in Jr High art class in the Midwest, continuing to take painting classes until off to college to study Electrical Engineering. I continued painting as a hobby throughout my engineering career & while raising kids in California. I have studied with several artists specializing in realistic oil paintings & am now enjoying painting fulltime!

To see more of Karen's art - You can visit her website at wildcatart.shutterfly.com

To purchase call: 310-991-7144 or e-mail gabrielle.artistsstudio.pvac@gmail.com

Title: Puppy Eye Series: Husky 1
Size: 4" x 4"

Price: $125

Wharton Puppy Eye Husky
Wharton Puppy Eye Pug

Title: Puppy Eye Series: Pug 1
Size: 4" x 4"

Price: $125

Title: Lioness Profile B&W
Size: 12" x 24"

Price: $1450

Wharton Lioness Profile
Wharton Leopard Under Tree Title: Leopard Under Tree
Size: 18" x 24"

Price: $4500

Giclee Print 18" x 24" on Canvas: $325
Title: Lioness Stalking
Size: 24 x 36"

Price: $8500

Giclee Print 24x36" on Canvas: $525

Giclee Print 12x18" on Paper: $75 (unframed)
Wharton Lioness Stalking
Wharton Cub At Rest

Title: Lion Cub At Rest
Size: 15" x 30", oil on canvas

Price: $1975

Title: Lion Cub
Size: 11" x 14", oil on canvas

Price: $895

Wharton Lion Cub
Wharton Male Lion

Title: Male Lion Portrait B&W
Size: 11" x 14", oil on canvas

Price: $600

Title: Zebra B&W
Size: 11" x 14", oil on canvas

Price: $600

Wharton Zebra Profile
Wharton Lion Watchful Eye

Title: Lion Watchful Eyes
Size: 18" x 36"
, oil on canvas

Price: $2600 (framed)

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