Jennifer Siegal
Oil on Canvas and Etchings


As an Artist and Teacher for more than 15 yrs, my work reflects the beauty of Nature and a Modern Spirit I see around me.  In oil paints, I capture colorful landscapes, still life’s and Figures, with the immediacy of the “Alla prima” method.  With Etching /printmaking I enjoy working in multiple steps to create an original image from my field sketches.

To purchase call: 310-991-7144 or e-mail gabrielle.artistsstudio.pvac@gmail.com

Siegal Malaga Plaza

Title: Malaga Plaza
Size: 8" x 10", Oil

Price: $250


Title: Dancer
Size: 24" x 36", Oil

Price: $725

Siegal Dancer
Siegal Redondo Harbor

Title: Redondo Harbor
Size: 11" x 14", Oil

Price: $375

Title: Roses in Glass Vase
Size: 16" x 20", Oil

Price: $750

Siegal Roses in Glass Vase
Siegal Wayfarer Chapel

Title: Wayfarer's Chapel
Size: 9" x 12", Oil

Price: $325

Title: Neighborhood Garden
Size: 11" x 14", Oil

Price: $375

Seigal Neighborhood Garden
Seigal Lemons and Daisies

Title: Lemons and Daisies
Size: 16" x 20", Oil

Price: $600

Title: Tango Lesson
Size: 15" x 30", Oil

Price: $700

Siegal Tango Lesson
Seigal Pomegranites and Jug

Title: Pomegranites and Jug
Size: 16" x 20", Oil

Price: $550

Title: Neighborhood Church
Size: 5" x 7", etching

Price: $75

Siegal Neighborhood Church

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