The Artists Studio Tour
September 24th and 25th, 2016
10am to 5pm

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Tickets are $25.
Tickets can be picked up at the Concierge desk in the Atrium of the Palos Verdes Art Center on September 24th or 25th.

Tickets can also be purchased at either location

5504 West Crestridge Road, Rancho Palos Verdes, 90275, corner of Crenshaw Boulevard.

The Artists' Studio Gallery at the Promenade on the Peninsula
The Promenade on the Peninsula, 550 Deep Valley Drive, #159, Rolling Hills Estates, 90274

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2016 Featured Tour Studios

Don Crocker Zaske Studio Debbie Giese Whiting Studio
Don Crocker Zaske Studio Deborah E. Giese Whiting Studio
Somaz Shams Studio Gordon Stuido Deflon Studio  
Solmaz Shams Studio Gordon Studio Deflon Studio  

Artists to demonstrate
Justine Parish Solmaz Shams Paul Brayton Jill Kollman

Justine Parish - Atrium

Solmaz Shams - Atrium
Saturday and Sunday
Paul Brayton - Atrium
Saturday and Sunday

Jill Kollman - Promenade
Saturday and Sunday

Informal modeling from 11am to 4pm at the Atrium
Saturday and Sunday

Informal modeling Informal modeling Shihimei Informal modeling
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